Thursday, May 22, 2008


I'm floating on the surface
Of my own ocean
Of thoughts

Waves bring me up
I can clearly see the rest of the water around me
Then I drift below
I am surrounded by water of the same color

Something catches my eye
Beneath the surface
I don't know what it is
What it means

I want to find it
All I need is one look
I will understand
Questions will be answered

I dive
Surrounded by water
It feels like a different world
But I keep going

It gets darker
It is misleading, and confusing
I am almost there
I can still see it

There is a disturbance around me
Water, rushing around
Faster, without hesitation
Drawing circles around me

I'm almost there
But the circle draws me away
And yet prevents me from returning
To the calm surface

Again, I try to get to my treasure
I am swept away again
Away and deeper
I cannot breathe

I let go of my desire
Feeling helpless in a storm
I let the water take me
Where it will

I can breathe again
The surface is calm
I am floating on waves
Of peaceful thought

The treasure is still there
I can feel it
I will not dive again
It is best left untouched

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