Monday, May 19, 2008


I am running

One mile from home
Wind stings my face
The snow is blinding
Everywhere around me is white
I am far past the houses

Two miles from home
Time passes
But I take no notice
The only time that exists
Is the rhythm of my feet
Hitting the ground

Three miles from home
I match my breathing
To the time of my feet
Inhale when I step left
Exhale when I step right
The cold wind hurts my throat
But it prevents me from thinking

Four miles from home
I stop

My legs shake from the sudden absence of motion
The winter has stolen the blood from my limbs
I can’t move my fingers
For they are numb
But I can still feel your hand
As you hold mine
I feel your arms around me
Holding me close
Just like you used to

I am running


Written during a social class, for no particular reason

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