Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Inside My Head

I'm sitting in social class
Stuck inside my head again
Thoughts swirl around me,
Some that are constantly on my mind
Some that are new and unexpected
Most are gone before I can even comprehend them.

Trapped inside my head, I can't help but wonder
About my own life
Who I am, if I'm good enough
If I'll make it through
I've had different names
Does that change me?
I hate the one that everybody uses
And yet my favorite one, I've never said
Now it's too late
I'll never hear it again.

Will the world accept me?
Will you accept me?
I do my best to be myself
I can be very independent
But at the same time, I'm not
I'm completely dependent on others
They shape me, my confidence, my moods
Except my own mind
Will anyone accept my contradictions?
I'm stuck inside my own mind
I have to get out.

The bell rings
But I can't leave.

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