Friday, December 21, 2007

Nevertheless, life is good

I love life

I reflected a little more last night
But it was good thoughts
I was reminded
Of how if I had the power to go back
And change things
I wouldn't
Because i leanred so much from that experience
Even if it hurt
Looking back
I think I grew a lot
I went from twelve to seventeen
In months

Life now is good
Things don't always work out
In the long run
Will it matter?
Probably not

I realized the other day
That I hadn't liked anybody all day
My friend would understand how truly remarkable
That is
I always have a crush on somebody
It's how I work
But lately
It's like life is good good to be spent
Thinking about things
That I don't really need
That's not the best way to putting it
But seeing as how class is about to end
That's all you're going to get


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